• Spade  Post Hole Digger B07GFN3PNW
Post Hole Digger

Fencing post hole digger. Easily dig post holes and enhance your lawn and garden with a new fence using this durable and versatile tool.
This post hole digger is perfect for creating holes in the ground for posts, fencing and straining posts.
They remove soil more quickly and efficiently than a spade and will produce a deep, narrow, vertical hole which will require less concrete to fill.
The handles are made from tough fibre to give you a sturdy weighted downward thrust.
Steel curved blades
Fibre handles
Full length: 1510mm approx
Head length: 450mm approx
Full opening width (width of hole): 115mm approx

Drain Spade

Drain spade with fibreglass handle. Professional grade tool for lightweight use. 1080mm length and a 360mm head.
1080mm approx drain spade with fibreglass handle
Professional grade
Lightweight use
Head length 360mm approx

Spade Post Hole Digger B07GFN3PNW

Spade Post Hole Digger B07GFN3PNW

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