Car beauty multi-function cleaning gun.
With interior cleaning agent, just a spray of rub can remove the leather, velvet between the various cracks in the stain.
Not to hurt velvet, a variety of objects will not cause harm.
High efficiency, strong detergency, saving time and effort, greatly improving the efficiency of cleaning interior.
Convenient operation will be able to reflect the characteristics of professional car beauty shop, to the customer left a good and unforgettable impression.
Cleaning range:  Automotive leather, roof, velvet, rubber, plastics, glass, seat belt, all kinds of gaps, furniture and blankets. Usually more difficult on the site cleaning effect is particularly evident.

The use of tornado room dedicated neutral cleaning solution used;
Pour appropriate amount of tornado room dedicated neutral cleaning solution, diluted in accordance with the proportion of water dilution;
Connecting air compressor trachea, working pressure 6-8 kg;
Connect the tornado deep cleaning gun from the surface more than 5CM cleaning, 2-3 minutes after the use of ultra-fine fiber car cloth (wet) wipe the spray cleaning fluid, cleaning fluid can be repeated many times, if stubborn stains, use Tornado interior cleaning special spray gun close-up cleaning;
Slide the switch to slide up through the liquid, sliding down the liquid off, only the high-pressure rotary air;
And finally with high-pressure air-dried residual moisture;
Rotate the air pressure regulating valve to adjust the air pressure, spray leather protectant or coating liquid.

Product name: Car cleaning gun
Color: White
Size: Approx. 130*300*260m/5.11"*12"*10.24"
Weight: 750g

Package Include:
1x Car cleaning gun
1x Brush
1x Horn

Cleaning Gun high pressure Car Washer Tornador foam gun car tornado tool B07GJ1B5W9

Cleaning Gun high pressure Car Washer Tornador foam gun car tornado tool B07GJ1B5W9

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